Tuesday 26 February 2013

New Band Feature - Literature Thieves

Literature Thieves are a three-piece band that recently released their debut EP “Moon Stories From The Glass Mountain” on Manchester’s innovative folk label Red Deer Club.

The current line-up features Angela Hazeldine, Amy Clarkson and Cassie Elwood.  On both the EP and at their live shows, they share vocal responsibilities and each of the girls have their own distinctive voice, which makes them stand out from the plethora of all-girl groups.  

Their rather unusual name comes from Cassie’s habit of not returning books she’d borrowed from friends. Formed in 2011, they’ve built up a following in Manchester playing live and the link up with Red Deer Club is a natural fit for both parties.   

Red Deer head honcho Dunk describes them as “three part folk-pop harmonic outfit” and very refreshingly for the music industry told us that “I signed them because they write good pop songs and I trust them”

Their song structures are relatively simple and traditional, but what this does is allow the vocal harmonies to shine through on each of the five songs on the EP.  Despite not using studio trickery and only using a mandolin and an acoustic guitar, they’ve produced a record with five very different pieces on it, ranging from the shorter than two minute lament to love They Say to the four and half minute Pears In The Orchard.   As you’d almost expect from the name of the band and the EP, there’s quirky lyrical references to moons, foxglove and pears in the orchard.

At their recent EP launch at Manchester’s new Takk café bar, they take the brave step of playing un-amped, putting their fragile sound to the test against the notorious gig chatterers of the Northern Quarter.  There’s almost silence through their nine-song set, which includes most of the EP, but also a song sung entirely in French.  What they also display in between songs is a sense of humour and camaderie that warms you to them as well and a love of wine and whisky.

EP lead track Waves That Weave is available as a free download from Red Deer’s website  and there’s a stunning Layla Sailor video to accompany it too
The EP can be bought on limited 10” single and download from there too.  There is a CD version of the EP which is only currently available at their gigs. You can also listen to the whole EP and download Waves That Weave from their soundcloud page Literature Thieves can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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