Sunday 10 March 2013

Delay Trees - Doze - album review

Delay Trees - Doze



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Delay Trees hail from Finland and have released Daze, their follow-up to their self-titled debut album and EPs “Soft Construction” and “Before I Go Go”, this week digitally worldwide.

Another band releasing on the celebrated Finnish indie label Soliti, their sound is reminiscent of the shoegaze bands of the early nineties, Chapterhouse and Pale Saints springing immediately to mind.  The band themselves describe their music as “dream pop”. Yet it’s much more than simply a rehash of old influences. 

Lead single HML demonstrates a genuine feel for pop hooks that deserves a much-wider audience, and there’s a number of other three minute gems that have the same impact on the listener, particularly opening tracks Decide and Dream Surfer.  In these more melodic moments of the album, frontman Rami Vierula’s vocals emit a warming glow that makes this record feel the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday afternoon.
There’s also a more experimental side to the band, demonstrated on the album’s centerpieces, Pause and Future. Pause, clocks in at nearly eight minutes, starting with a hushed drum backing, gathering pace with simmering vocal harmonies.  Future has a more traditional song structure with loud guitars taking centre stage with the vocals fighting through over the fuzzy haze created over six and half minutes.

These tracks are followed 45 seconds of noise called Moment De Piano, which comes before another eight minute dark brooding epic Only The Stars and the vocal-led My Thoughts closes the album going back to the more melodic approach of the opening tracks.

The album’s been out a while in Finland, and there’s a third album on the way soon which should hopefully bring Delay Trees to the attention of the world outside their native Finland.   You’d have the hipsters in London frothing at the mouth at this record if it was from the latest cool band out of the States, rather than Helsinki.

Doze can be purchased from iTunes or if you want a physical copy from Delay Trees' online store.

Delay Trees play the Ja Ja Ja club night at The Lexington in London on 28th March.

Their official website can be found here, and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.  There is also a free live EP for download.

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