Monday 28 August 2023

VLURE / Crimewave / Sugarstone - Manchester Night And Day - 27th August 2023

VLURE made a long-awaited return to Manchester after eighteen months bringing their high-energy all-inclusive electro-rave to the Night And Day on Sunday night as part of their nationwide Music Venue Trust show. Support came from Sugarstone and Crimewave.

Sugarstone open the evening with an energetic set, the four-piece using a two-vocal approach to impressive effect drawing the growing crowd forward as their set progresses. Set-closer Happiness Is Hard To Find is the highlight, although it's challenged hard by their cover of Duran Duran's All She Wants Is which they turn into a synth-grunge mash-up that's a brilliant reinterpretation of one of their lesser known singles. Crimewave follow and as a one-man show it's not possible to recreate the energy of the opener and the headliner. Synths and live guitars are merged with half-spoken half-sung vocals in intense pieces that would be more suited to a more attentive audience and relaxed vibe in the room.

There's a real sense of anticipation as VLURE make it to the stage, their reputation as hedonist hell-raisers having preceded them. With Hamish front and centre an imposing presence the five-piece merge songs from their Euphoria EP with more recent singles and a couple of unreleased tracks and a euphoric cover of Faithless's God Is A DJ. Shattered Faith, Heartbeat and Show Me How To Live set the crowd dancing, losing themselves in the party. Recent singles Cut It and This Fantasy and their forthcoming single which they encourage us to punch the air in line with the chorus lyrics show them broadening their horizons without them losing the magic that has won them so many admirers.

They make God Is A DJ their own, the love of music and dance reflected in the lyrics and they lose themselves in a maelstrom of green lights and strobes encouraging the crowd to let loose with them. The final song of the main set - This Is Not The End - a single line lyric repeated over and over as Hamish and Conor jump down amongst the audience has the room demanding more and they respond with Euphoria, which Hamish tells us was the first song they ever wrote. Its tale of late nights partying and the love of friends is core to everything VLURE stand for. Ecstatic, euphoric, inclusive and uplifting, VLURE leave nothing behind at the end of forty-five minutes - heart, body and soul, one of the most thrilling live experiences around.

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