We are a completely independent music blog based in Manchester but we're not limited to music from the greatest city on the planet. We don't work for anyone, we're not a news site, we don't have a brand, we don't run gigs or nights, release records or manage bands or run a podcast because no one wants to hear the opinions of yet another white middle-aged man who thinks he knows best but doesn't. Our stats don't work properly, we have no advertising and we'd rather no one knew who we are.

We write about music we love - that is our one criteria.  We don't care if a band has been going 30 minutes or 30 years, if we like it we'll write about it.  

We don't write negative reviews - if we want to give constructive feedback to an artist, we'll do it privately and discreetly rather than publicly. 

We are not an advertising vehicle for your gig, your business or your band and if you treat us like one it'll piss us off. We don't do "previews" because no one reads them and we want to write about music we've experienced so please don't ask as we will only say no. Even if we know you (and like you).

Please don't message us on our private accounts on Facebook - they're private for a reason - that'll really piss us off - we're likely to ignore you if we don't know you - email us at eventhestars@outlook.com

Over 90% of the posts on this blog are made by one person with a full time job who attends around 200 gigs a year - we can't cover everything and listen to everything we're sent despite our best intentions when we set this up as a tiny blog back in 2014, but we'll try.  It means we're unlikely to do album reviews - because of the time it takes to do them justice. If you send us a release and we don't cover it, don't take that as us not being interested. Send us your next one. And the one after. And the one after.

We have names. They're on this page. We're more likely to respond if you've made that effort.

Look at what we write about and see if your band sounds like a fit. If it's not, there's probably plenty more appropriate places who will cover you.

We're not going to copy and paste a press release and pass it off as a blog post.

If we love your music we'll write about it, if we come to your gig and love it then we'll write about it too. If your music doesn't do it for us, tell your Dad to respect our opinion and move on, plenty of people obviously do like you.

If we write about you and you like what we write, please retweet it, share it on Facebook, tell your Mum. It helps us get the message about the bands we write about out to more people. The more people read our blog, the more people will read about you when we write about you again. That's how this works.

We will go on and on about certain artists we love.  We'd apologise for that, but we wouldn't mean it. If you don't get we're writing about what we love then that's your issue, it's not very difficult and we're not going to spell it out for you or draw you a picture. Some of the artists we write about, we like them as people too, we might even go for a beer with them.

If all this makes us sounds like t**ts, then we probably are. We don't care to be honest. This is a hobby, we do it because it's fun. Don't make it a chore.

We are on Facebook - all new articles we post will be announced on here

We are on Twitter - we will post what gigs we're watching and anything that catches our ear

We don't really do Instagram or Tiktok as we're dead old


Ideally what we'd like to be able to listen and write a piece is :

- Dropbox / Soundcloud / You Tube / Bandcamp link (preferably downloadable as we listen a lot on the move)

- An embed code if we can't grab it - Spotify only allows us to embed thirty seconds so doesn't allow people to get the whole song without clicking through

- Brief bio of the artist / band (link to press release is fine) including who's in it and who plays what

- Upcoming shows

- Facebook / Twitter / website and any other relevant links

- Try to avoid comparing yourself to other bands - we want to know about you and why you're different and unique

Editor - David Brown

Writers - Stuart Ralston, Julia Grantham, Jason Wynne

Contributions by Debby Walker, Glenn Wallworth, Liam Hart, Wendy Smith, Richard Wills, Stewart Howie, Christine Shanks, Ed Smith, Ste Ackley, At Most One Tour and Elspeth Mary Moore

We'd like to thank the following for their help and inspiration so far - Alex Staszko, John Freeman, Andy Von Pip, Shay Rowan, Andy Keating, Katie Ware, Phil McAdam, Wayne Lawrence, Shell Zenner, Super Kev (aka Kev Cars), Cath Aubergine, Angiola De Seta, Erica Andreozzi, Chris Hayes, John Robb, Chris Thomas, Conrad Murray, everyone at our second homes The Night And Day Cafe and The Castle Hotel, Dave Fidler, Tim Booth and James, The Slow Readers Club, LIINES, The Murder Capital, Ist Ist, Control Of The Going, Liam Frost, The Murder Capital, John Bramwell and I Am Kloot and Inspiral Carpets.

This site is dedicated to the immortal memory of the late great John Hall

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