Monday 26 September 2022

Just Mustard / White Flowers - Glasgow Broadcast - 25th September 2022

Just Mustard brought their mesmerising new album Heart Under to a fanatical sell out crowd at Glasgow’s Broadcast with stellar support from White Flowers. Stuart Ralston was there.

Preston three-piece White Flowers get the show underway. Guitarist Joey has an array of machines and technology at his feet as he crafts out the most beautiful soundscapes. It’s impossible not to draw parallels from vocalist Katie to The Cocteau Twins and Liz Fraser, which is no bad thing. Their short set is well received by the Glasgow crowd.

Just Mustard’s debut 2018 album Wednesday is one of my most played records in recent years yet tonight is my first chance to see them live. They are coming to the end of their UK tour to promote second album Heart Under. Released back in May, this is the first time they’ve played headline shows to support it as they’ve been touring the globe opening for Fontaines DC and featuring heavily on the festival circuit. As such, tonight’s gig is a rare opportunity to catch Just Mustard in an intimate venue. 

The stage in Broadcast doesn’t feel like a stage. Instead, it resembles a small rehearsal space and there’s barely enough room for the five members of Just Mustard. The shows gets off to a false start as no sooner has 23 started, it comes to a halt, as Katie’s microphone hasn’t been plugged in. This is the only flaw for the next seventy minutes however as the band deliver a hypnotic, uplifting, intensive set. Drawing almost exclusively from the new album, the show opens slowly with 23. Guitarist Mete plays with a bow, creating a haunting atmosphere in Glasgow’s packed basement.  

I Am You continues in a similar vein. Driven along by Rob’s bass with Katie’s simple yet repetitive vocal, Just Mustard are even more potent live than on record. Early single Seven follows and watching the band, you sense that they love doing what they do; lost in their own music. Looking at the crowd, many of them are lost in it too. Seven builds and builds; a real sonic symphony. 

As the set continues through Early, Mirrors and Sore, the audience - who range in age from about 20 to 60 become more and more transfixed. Deaf - one of only two cuts from Wednesday in the current set - sees a euphoric singalong from crowd and David. It’s an incredible moment of celebration between band and fans and seemingly hard for the band to top that moment but they do, as they immediately launch into an impassioned Frank before audience and band pause for breath with Blue Chalk slowing things down a little - Katie’s vocals are at their most haunting. Shane’s metronomic drumming dominates Still before October and an epic Seed brings the set to a close. 

Just Mustard have made some truly wonderful, powerful, emotive records in the last few years but in the live arena incredibly they manage to top that.

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