Tuesday 19 September 2023

Naked Lungs - Newcastle The Tyne Bar - 17th September 2023

Naked Lungs, a ferocious four piece post-punk noise band from Ireland, rolled into the Toon on Sunday evening and left a lasting impression in more ways than one.

The drama started earlier in the week when their gig at The Cluny was cancelled but rather than taking the opportunity to have the evening off they seized the chance to play an outdoor support gig at The Tyne Bar (one of Newcastle’s best bars found in the Ouseburn Valley) to showcase their phenomenal debut album Doomscroll.

A restricted half hour set meant the boys went for the jugular from the off performing an all killer no filler set which culminated in local residents complaining of noise levels and forcing the band to cut short their set in true rock and roll fashion.

The band’s immediacy and youthful energy combined with tension, rawness and vulnerability ensured the quartet grabbed the attention of all those in attendance as well as those killjoy residents nearby.

Droning guitars, rumbling bass lines, feedback, distortion and military like drumming engulf the crowd and underneath the tsunami of a deafening sound Tom Brady’s vocal and energetic manner are delivered with the purpose of a man confident in his and his bands ability. Think Rage Against The Machine meets Gilla Band with a heavy sprinkling of their own experimental sound and that concoction is a sonic assault that brings you to your knees.

Songs like Outcome and Pressure are attention grabbing and not necessarily designed to put the audience, or the local neighbourhood, at ease. Tom screams out his heart, and lungs, revealing an inner rage that explodes to the forefront.

The throbbing bass of Ryan Mortell accompanied by the angular, edgy and explosive outbursts from Andrew Connaughton are not just ear-splitting but somewhat euphoric as they take the audience to the point of no return. The propulsive drumbeats of Matt Pyper drive further forwards as he controls the tempo and keeps the rhythm amongst the chaos.

Second Song starts with a crescendo of noise before cutting to a noise breakdown although it’s not long before they return to their vociferous ways after catching their breath.

River (Down) and Relentless continue in the same vein. Refusing to deviate from their abrasive music that they want to make they already sound like an accomplished band despite their youthfulness. 

Stand out track is Why Do People Change? taken from their eponymously titled EP of 2022. Tom’s vocals gaining momentum over a thrilling soundtrack. The raw power and relentless onslaught of the music intensifying until the locals can take no more.

The band are shut down much to the dismay of the appreciative audience although they do manage to squeeze in one more track in the form of Break Stuff to express their disdain at the situation. It’s a cover version of a Limp Bizkit song so any promises of going out quietly are quickly dispelled. They go even louder, harder and more aggressive and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Richter scale was troubled in the process in the Ouseburn area.

Naked Lungs are an inventive and explosive four piece who should not be missed at this early stage of their career. Full of potential and full of promise they are not afraid to express themselves. They are on an upwards trajectory and deserve the acclaim and plaudits that are currently coming their way. Catch them while you can, you won’t be disappointed.

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