Tuesday 17 October 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : Better Joy - Hard To Love

Hard To Love is the debut single from Manchester-based Better Joy.  Already having picked up airplay on 6 Music and performed at Beyond The Music festival, the band fronted by Bria Keely introduce themselves with a wonderfully rhythmic immediate earworm of a track about the joy of finding love and accepting yourself for who you are.

Bria explains the meaning behind Hard To Love - "Hard To Love is a song of self-realisation and acceptance. We all have parts of ourselves that feel unlovable. Finding someone who loves you despite those flaws, and sometimes even for those flaws, is pretty great. It’s an appreciation song to that person who puts up with you and takes you for who you are, the good and bad. Love is messy - and so are people."

Better Joy started out with Bria writing songs on piano and guitar at university and being introduced to the track's producer Mike Peden. His sons Joe and Chris joined forces with Bria and Better Joy came to life. The single is accompanied by a video filmed in Los Angeles and is released on independent label Fader Amp. 

Better Joy's website can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

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