Tuesday 26 December 2023

Déjà Vega / Velkro - Manchester Yes - 23rd December 2023

Déjà Vega saw out their most successful year to date with a show in the Pink Room of Yes in Manchester on Saturday night, adding a festive twist to their set.

Hull's Velkro open up the evening and despite a muddy sound that often takes away some of the impact of their wonderfully vibrant take on shoegaze with guitars turned up. Formed out of the ashes of the highly rated Priestgate only a few months ago they impress a rapidly filling up Pink Room with a half-hour set that promises much more to come in 2024 as they establish themselves with their new identity.

This is a much more intimate Déjà Vega show than you'd expect these days given their ascent from support slots around town to being one of the most exciting and visceral headliners around, both in Manchester and further afield. With two albums under their belt, tonight has the feeling of an end-of-term event where everyone lets their hair down and has fun. 

Of course Déjà Vega are a serious proposition live. The combination of Jack's furiously intense performance as their front man, one of the nicest guys in music turned into a ferocious demon the minute he steps on stage lost in the music he and his mates are creating and Mike and Tom's rhythm section that are every bit as vital aurally but who seem almost oblivious to the manic movements of their lifelong friend a few feet away from them. They've learned their trade over the best part of a decade to now be able to seamlessly and effortlessly gel together, creating a sound that threatens to overwhelm Yes's set-up such is the sheer intensity of the trio.

The set, as you'd expect leans heavily on their second album Personal Hell but there's plenty for everyone in their hour and a half set. Early singles Friends In High Places is dusted down for the occasion and the self-titled debut album also gives us Chasing, Mr Powder and Eyes Of Steel, all crowd favourites for both those in the growing mosh-pit down the front and those standing back and drinking in the raw power of the band as the room heats up. Slow And Steady, one of the stand-outs from Personal Hell, shows that Déjà Vega are not just about volume and adrenaline-fueled headrushes - there's lots of grooves running through these songs.

They finish, as you'd expect, with a glorious soaring version of The Test, a song that takes on new life and is always teeming with the band's adventurous spirit as the three of them jam through fifteen minutes plus of part-improvised music. Tonight's version is a unique one as it's got a short blast of Merry Xmas Everybody that the whole room joins in with before The Test's final section drains every last remaining drop of energy from the moshpit and the band leave with roars of appreciation ringing in their ears. 2024 will mean new music and new adventures but this was Déjà Vega signing out of 2023 in the only way they know how.

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