Tuesday 28 August 2018

The Big Peach / Pacific / Corella - Altrincham Goose Green Festival - 26th August 2018

The annual Goose Green Festival in Altrincham Town Centre saw six thousand people pass through its gates over two days this weekend. We braved the rain and caught three very different local acts - The Big Peach, Pacific and Corella - on Sunday afternoon.

Funded by the Altrincham Business Improvement District and with a line-up curated by Trafford Sound's new music champion Jon Belfield, the Goose Green Festival took over the square at Goose Green and the bars and restaurants, including the Green Rooms venue, surrounding it as it has done at the August Bank Holiday for a number of years. On an outside stage, local bands were given the opportunity to play to and impress an audience that they wouldn't ordinarily reach.

First up are Corella. The four-piece put on an energetic set as the clouds clear to bring people out of the bars to listen to them. They trade in big, bold indie anthems such as Say Something and their set-closer Barcelona Girl that have a ring of familiarity to them, but into which they instil their own vibrant personality and joy of performing. Frontman Joel's voice has both the strength and the range to help them pull off what they're aiming to achieve and they've developed into a tight live unit that impresses the watching crowd and sets them in good stead for some big shows later in the year.

Next up are Northwich's Pacific. Heavily leaning on a keyboard sound, with two banks at the front of the stage, one of which hosts lead singer Anthony whose energetic presence captures the crowd's attention. The sun comes out which is fitting as most of Pacific's songs have a sunny disposition and seek to uplift and enchant the audience, most evident on singles Time To Forget and Dream Of Mine as that dual keyboard approach makes them stand out from a plethora of guitar bands.

The last of the three bands we catch are The Big Peach. With a debut album just released they refuse to rest on their laurels, only one of the eight tracks they perform (Lil Suzie) coming from that record as their prolific vein of songwriting means they already have the second one written. With six unreleased songs, including the storming future single Sad, and their own unique take on The Beatles' Back In The USSR, they have the audience clapping, tapping their feet and dancing to songs that they've never heard before (and some which had never been played live before).

That's the magic of The Big Peach though. They've got an incredible ability to craft something original from the stems of all the music they grew up loving from their parents' record collection. Unashamed of their influences but steadfastly insisting on being their own men they make performing look effortless and fun and this transmits itself to the crowd too and they manage to pull off charity shop chic whilst looking as cool as they sound.

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