Tuesday 14 August 2018

TRACK OF THE DAY : RosesAreBlue - Fairytale

RosesAreBlue is one of the most prolific songwriters out there. Rose hasn't just released one album at the start of the month but three. We've chosen to feature Fairytale, the opening track on the Intensely album as our track of the day.

Intensely is one of three albums, the other two entitled Alien and Lovers, that were released at the start of the month on her Bandcamp page. Fiercely independent and DIY, even making her own videos to accompany songs that she releases as she completes them, the songs' beauty is amplified by the fact that they're not over-produced and are put out in the world as created at home and therefore feel real and genuine which allows the listener to engage with them.

Roses Are Blue is on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud.

Her Bandcamp page features all three albums, three previous albums as well as three EPs.

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