Tuesday 8 January 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Bella Estelle - Crazy In Love

We first saw Bella Estelle open one of the smaller stages at Victorious Festival in August 2017. Her second single Crazy In Love was released right at the tail end of 2018 and showcases the Portsmouth teenager's undoubted talent and ability to fuse pop and rock into a song that shows immense promise.

Crazy In Love is the follow-up to her debut single Blurred Vision and her first material for over a year as she focused on writing more material and playing live. The confidence she's gained is evident in the single's video - it's refreshing to watch someone who actually looks like they're having fun in a music video these days and performing rather than trying to create an image.

That review of Victorious where she performed late morning noted "What we witness is a performer who's already exceptionally confident despite only being fifteen years old and has a voice that backs that up as well as a set of seven songs that mark her down as someone to keep an eye on. Whether it be the "cute little singalong" Crazy In Love, Up In Lights or the stand out track You And I, they've all got an immediacy to them that draws in passers by entering the site and keeps them there as the crowd swells considerably during her set. We're tapping our feet along to songs we've never heard before and we're sure many of the others who've chanced upon this wonderful set are too. Definitely one to keep an eye on."

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