Wednesday 17 June 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Double You - Where You Go

Lockdown has decimated the music industry. For Michael Whalley, aka Double You (as one of many guises), backline work for the likes of DMAs and Echo And The Bunnymen stopped in its tracks. His response was to create - an album under the Elektrisch Nonne banner with Adam from Ist Ist has already seen the light of way and work continues on the debut Gravediggers Union album - but he's also created a solo project Double You and Where You Go is the second product of that following .

Whalley explains to us how Double You came about - "The song was recorded and mixed by myself in my studio in Chorley.  I am predominantly the drummer in my other projects so with me playing all the instruments on this I thought it would be interesting to move away from using drums all together so I used a vintage Roland TR707 drum machine.  I actually bought the drum machine from Adam in Ist Ist.  Now that I think about it this whole solo project was born out of getting the drum machine from Adam.  I got it back to my studio and had to learn how to use it, after a few days I found myself with a handful of finished songs!  I think I thought that the 707 drums would eventually be replaced with me playing live drums, but like I said, it just felt right to not play drums on my own solo project.  I’ll save my drumming for when I’m back being the drummer."

Lyrically the song broaches difficult subjects and reflects the fact that the tracks weren't originally intended for public consumption. "Unfortunately this song is a little too personal for me to feel comfortable talking about in detail, sorry.  When I wrote these songs I really didn’t expect I would release them, it was just something to pass the time/help me learn how to use the drum machine.  What I hadn’t anticipated was that I would end up liking the finished songs.  The whole process actually end up being quite therapeutic too, which made me want to do more!"

Future plans are uncertain given the ongoing confusion about when live music will finally return but Where You Go isn't seen as a one-off release. "As it stands I am just going to release a new song every month or so.  What the final product will be is currently unknown to me, it’s still really early doors on this project.  Id like to think that I will do 3 or 4 songs and then add another 3 and release them all as an EP, but doing an album is absolutely not out of the question.  I'm actually trying to think of a suitable band to do a split 12” with.  That would be an ideal situation.  I work in the music industry and my job has completely ceased to exist and is unlikely to start up again till next year, so I could find myself with enough time to rattle out an album."

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