Friday 12 June 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : The Clockworks - The Future Is Not What It Was

The Clockworks return today with their new single The Future Is Not What It Was, their third for Creation 23. With verses set to a repetitive beat, it allows front man James to reel off with increasing edginess a list of society's ills and how they cloud the future for all of us.

The follow-up to previous Creation 23 singles Stranded In Stansted and Bills And Pills plus live favourite Can I Speak To A Manager and independent singles including Rumours In The Stockroom is accompanied by a video comprised of live footage of recent shows (including their February Manchester show, one of our best of the curtailed year) and the band on tour. 

James explains the thoughts behind The Future Is Not What It Was - “This song is about trying to bring together two main ideas: The feeling that everywhere you look things are going wrong, to the point of cynicism, and the way that the idea of the future is better that its reality. Art and articles in the past would talk about 2020 and expect us to be driving flying cars in houses that clean themselves where nobody has to work. In reality we’re driving third hand Fiat Puntos to 9-5s that barely pay the rent. I guess the point is that the lifestyle may change but a lot of the problems are the same.“

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Our review of their Manchester gig in February can be found here.

Photo credit - Oscar Ryan

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