Saturday 25 February 2023

Beam Noir - Manchester Yes Basement - 24th February 2023

Friday night saw Beam Noir's debut gig in the basement of Yes. In front of an enthusiastic crowd, the new outfit, formed from the ashes of an old favourite, had the room bouncing along to a set of songs and an energetic performance from front man Joey.

Half way through tonight's set, Joey asks what song the roaring front rows want before saying "Codeine" then laughing. His previous band Kashmere's best-known song is nowhere to be seen or heard though. This is a new band and the only visible line between the two are the personnel - Joey, Andy and Freddie. With two banks of keys and drums they create a sound that leaves the ears still ringing the morning after, and coupled with lights that should fill a room double the size of this as well as the basement's always overpowering smoke machine.

There's only two songs available on line at present - Sirens and Going Under, the latter repeated as an impromptu encore without which they'd probably not have been allowed to leave the building, yet they're not representative of the live sound at all. The songs are brought to life by the energy of the performance, both the singles and the five unreleased tracks that they play - in particular Happiness and Running. 

They're roared on by a partisan crowd and the front rows bouncing along. The band themselves look taken aback by the response they get, always a worry at the start of a new project about how you're going to be received, but on the basis of first impressions, it's not something Beam Noir will have too many concerns about.

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