Friday 24 February 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : Lottie Gray - Daffodil Baby

Daffodil Baby is the debut single from Manchester RNCM student Lottie Gray.  An impressive first offering from the 19 year old marks her out as a voice to very much keep an ear out for in 2023 as she prepares the release of her EP due for release later this year.

Lottie told us more about Daffodil Baby - "I wrote Daffodil Baby on a particularly bleak and isolating day in my bedroom during one of the lockdowns. At the time I was thinking a lot about what I was writing and how it would be perceived once I could finally play to people again, but with Daffodil Baby I just sat down and wrote. Conjured from the fact that daffodils are poisonous, it’s about falling in love - but having to play a role for someone, and then being perceived as something you’re not. 

Once I’d finished the song, I recorded it at The Baker’s Oven. Rob, who I worked with, played bass and drums on the track, with some added percussion from Joe Burns, and violin from Maya Wasserman. We actually recorded the song twice. After the first recorded version, I played it with my band at college and had tons of new ideas for the arrangement and general vibe. It was almost just me and my guitar, no other instrumentation before!

My favourite line of the song mentions the Minami Line, a really dangerous train track in Japan, summing up the juxtapositions of love and risk in this single."

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