Monday 23 January 2017

Track Of The Day : Ist Ist - Silence

Ist Ist are a band on an unstoppable rise. Already famed locally for their incendiary and often controversial live shows, the three-piece have just released the video to their new single Silence ahead of their now sold out show at Salford's Sacred Trinity Church on February 3rd. We exclusively tipped the song on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show a couple of weeks back, but now it's online in all its doom-laden glory.

Whilst the song might draw inevitable Joy Division comparisons from some quarters, it's far from being a copy of them, but there are parallels in the way the bleakness of the musical canvas and the manner in which the power of Adam's vocals bulldoze their way into the minds of the listener. Hot on the heels of last year's Night's Arm and White Swan and with a rapidly growing hardcore fan base, it seems like Ist Ist are the outsider bet in Manchester to make the breakthrough, despite their disdain for many of the games bands need to play to get success these days. 

Taking a novel approach to the single, the band recently released fifty cd singles via their website which was the only way to purchase the song ahead of a forthcoming digital release.

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