Wednesday 5 April 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : Lala Hayden - Slice

Remember Anteros? Their one and only album When We Land was one of the greatest indie pop albums of our time. Then they disappeared. Now their front woman Laura Hayden is back, under the not so secretive pseudonym of Lala Hayden with Slice, the first track taken from an EP Girl Becomes that is out in May.

Slice is an uplifting two minute thirteen second blast that will both delight fans of Anteros but also surprise in its unapologetic electro-pop sound. It sounds like an artist freed of the pressure of having to compromise for success and making music for herself. 

On her Instagram she revealed that she had almost given up thoughts of releasing new music, having moved back to Spain, until contacted by a "superwoman" who instilled a new belief and support network. Slice is the first output of that, with an EP Girl Becomes to follow at the end of May. 

She told the story behind Slice on Instagram - "I was mad when I wrote Slice. I think it gets to a point where as a woman I got tired of having to filter myself to fit into what I feel is very much still a man's world. I'd been wearing the "good girl" badge like a medal of honour for a long time. I was scared of being labelled 'high maintenance, difficult, diva' Every now and then I'd burst with anger from keeping it bottled in. When it happened one day on the way to Ben's studio, we decided to record it. Within a couple of hours, we had Slice."

Lala Hayden is on Instagram


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