Friday 14 April 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : The Red Stains - TV Static

TV Static is the new single from the latest incarnation of Manchester's most vocal toilet graffiti artists, a satirical view of the world around them tinged with a sense of desperation at the expectations placed on people in the digital age.

Featuring original members Natalie Emslie on vocals and Sterling Kelly on bass, TV Static sees the debut of new members Grace Allport on guitar and Robyn Elliott on drums. The single and the new line-up feels like a statement of intent, the band telling us "TV Static promises the usual chaos expected of Red Stains but like a detonated bomb ready to explode and not shy of a siren or 3 to let you know we mean business!" 

The single showcases Natalie's unmistakable vocals that have you imagining her strutting the stage and the floor of the gig yelling them at the nearest audience member, whilst musically it's The Red Stains' most confident and targeted release to date without losing that chaotic feel that follows them around and which has won them a growing fan base, firstly in Manchester and more recently further afield too.

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