Thursday 13 April 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : Seb Lowe - Cavalryman

Seb Lowe returns with a new single Cavalryman, a studio version of a live favourite. His strongest release yet, it's his most ambitious track yet musically featuring his new band line-up and produced by James Skelly.

Seb describes the song as "Acoustic indie folk punk rap for theatre kids and rock enthusiasts" and that captures the musical journey the song takes you on, never standing still, featuring the violin heavily, a highlight of his recent live shows, filling out the sound from his beginnings as a Tiktok lyrical poet to one of the country's most intelligent socially observant lyricists.

Seb explains the unusual origins of the song - "Cavalryman originally stems from a theatrical piece I wrote about Peterloo. The image of the cavalryman took forefront as the figure called upon to suppress legitimate protest in Manchester. This then developed into a pop song, backed with raw violin riffs, inspired largely by 60s & 70s rock and roll, with a medieval folk twist. The cavalryman persona serves as a continuation of the character found in my previous track Terms and Conditions - an embodiment of hate, arrogance, and inordinate wealth. In turn, the song is lyrically charged with notions of an immortal ruling class, surviving solely through the oppression and control of others. It takes historical foundations of authority, and applies this to the ‘21st century’, finding that ultimately, nothing much has changed."

Seb has already sold out shows at Gorilla and Band On The Wall in Manchester and supported high-profile acts such as Blossoms and James. He supports Louis Dunford in April and Paul Weller at his Forest Live dates in June.

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