Wednesday 26 April 2023

TRACK OF THE DAY : Neon Waltz - Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets

Neon Waltz return with their long-awaited single Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets taken from their forthcoming second album Honey Now to be released via Fierce Panda on 1st September. 

The single is their first new music since 2020's Huna EP and is reassuringly Neon Waltz in its style with Jordan's familiar vocals sitting dead centre but has a richer and more polished sound than 2017's debut Strange Hymns. It's accompanied by a video that replicates a local tradition - "In Caithness we have a tradition called ‘a doing’, where a couple gets unexpectedly ambushed weeks or sometimes days before their wedding day, paraded around the county and pelted with all kinds of messy shit. I don’t know why… but it happens. It felt like a suitable first video idea for the Neon Waltz ‘Honey Now’ era, before it gets pelted and called all sorts of messy shit"

Honey Now has been six years in the making as line-up changes and then the pandemic wrought havoc with their plans as they explain - "“After the first album, the band changed from six members to four in a really short space of time, it felt like it was falling apart. In a way it literally was. Some of the lines are so directly about our band situation but almost all of them were written to be applied to any situation in life that can be made better by a simple reframing. This was the song that probably made us realise we had what we needed to do some of this record on our own. The drums were recorded in a tiny store room in the middle of our hometown on a lunch break from a day job…”

The album's track listing is Honey Now, As Good As Gone, The Stranger Things, A Million People, Birthday, Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets, All I Need, All In Good Time, When All Is Said And Done and
This Time Next Year 

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