Monday 19 October 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Jack In Water - Beast Behind Your Eyes

Beast Behind Your Eyes is the first single to be taken from Jack In Water's forthcoming debut album due for release in early 2021, a decade after his first release. Following on from last year's Presence EP, the single continues to deal head-on with personal issues that affect him and those around him, this time focusing on members of his family who seek solace and escape in alcohol.

Last year we were effusive in our praise of Jack In Water's Presence EP declaring "Presence is testament to the fact that there are many talented songwriters who pass under many radars for whatever reason. Whilst one bypasses years of hard slog and working to get immediate success, others take the long road and often don't get their reward. If there were any justice Presence would make Jack In Water a household name. Over four songs raw human emotions that anyone with a heart could relate to are described in revealing and evocative detail, a soul and mind laid bare set to music that accentuates their impact by not overpowering the words but subtly enhancing them."

Will (he's not called Jack) explains more about the meaning behind Beast Behind Your Eyes - "I think of this song as a soothing lullaby, both for myself and for those in my family who have an alcohol problem. It’s an attempt to leave my own frustrations behind that we have somehow allowed this behaviour to become something that’s normal and almost part of our culture in order to find some sympathy towards the people in my family that use alcohol as a coping mechanism."

The song is a beautiful piano-led ballad with cleverly layered vocals that captures the dark emotions that come with dealing with addiction and escapism. It's direct and heartfelt, the first verse pulls no punches - "you think he's keeping you sane, but it's still you hiding" - but as the song progresses it becomes an arm around the shoulder - "I don't want you to disappear" is a plaintive but all-saying statement.

Jack In Water's official site can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.


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