Thursday 1 October 2020

atmos bloom - atmos bloom EP

atmos bloom (no capitals) are a new "indie / dreampop duo" (their words) from Manchester. With little fanfare they release their debut self-titled EP today alongside a video for lead track just another day and across four tracks they make a very impressive first impression.

atmos bloom set their stall out from the start of just another day, bird noises flutter in the background and synths and drums usher in the opening track. Delicious swirling vocal harmonies abound and Tilda's breathy vocals dip and rise below and above the surface as just another day draws you in like a whirlpool. Whilst the approach isn't particularly original, and what genuinely is these days, it's rare that it's pulled off with such surety - the warmth it exudes draws you in to discover more.

blueberry eyes possesses similar qualities but rearranges them - a repetitive hook in the intro captures your attention, the vocals pushed to the front more than on the opener and there's little bits of detail in the guitar lines that belies the fact that this is a collection of bedroom recordings. It is hard to make out the lyrics at first, but the magical thing is that you're enthralled without knowing them and the song reveals more as you do.

hide is driven along by a drum loop and a guitars that feel like they've been frozen in time from eighties bedsitland and thawed out for this moment. Vocals are either half-sung, half-spoken like we're listening in on a private conversation until strings and some delightful vocal harmonies lift the song towards its conclusion, only two and a half minutes in. 

salts takes us to the seaside with its opening sample setting the scene, guitars repeat themselves then change direction, taking the song with them whilst Tilda's vocals once again dance on the surface, wonderfully carefree and, combined with the music, gloriously intoxicating.

atmos bloom is a compelling debut, shy and unassuming rather than bold and belligerent in its approach, but it's that which gives it an almost indefinable magic and allure. Simple and understated it exists in its own world, created for the joy of expression. It doesn't want to cause a fuss, but inadvertently does just the opposite.

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