Friday 30 October 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Ist Ist - Under Your Skin

Ist Ist today revealed Under Your Skin, the penultimate in a series of ten videos shot to accompany their independent and vinyl chart top five album Architecture. A simple shoot captures perfectly the claustrophobic cloying nature of the track.

Bassist Andy Keating told us a little about the song's origins and the making of the video - “This was one of the first songs to come out of the writing sessions for ‘Architecture’ in early 2019 and we first played it in June of that year at YES"

"It seems to be something of a dark horse and you see a lot of people saying it’s one of their favourites from the record. It bridges that chasm in style between the new us and the old us; it has the more subtle synth-led parts but also the heavy, fuzzy bass and drum sections which is a bit of a throwback to how we used to be."

"The video was fun to film and is something a bit different for us, there was a big fabric sheet hung from a frame we had to get in and we were just told to mess around in it for the duration of the song.”

Our review of the album noted the pivotal position of the song on the record - "What Architecture never allows you to do is settle, the selection of track order is, in our view, one of the important aspects of an album and when you get it right, like on The Murder Capital's When I Have Fears last year, it makes a record be about far more than just a selection of songs with the most accessible thrown at the start. Under Your Skin feels like the perfect penultimate song, the antidote to Night's Arm, the scene set in the desolate light of early morning, synths swirl in the background while Adam declares, as if the monotone voice of the loudspeakers in 1984, that "the committee won't permit this" to each and every intermediate line before repeating in a rich baritone four times "I'm under your skin." The song ends in the moment where the gathering storm that builds during the song is just about to break and wreak its devastation. By this point in the album Ist Ist have found their way there and made themselves at home."

Ist Ist are on Facebook and Twitter.

Their album Architecture, which reached number three in the independent album charts, number four in the vinyl charts and five in the physical album charts back in May, is available to order from their shop on vinyl as well as CD, cassette and download. Our review of the album can be found here.

Digital versions of their previous limited edition releases and a number of live field recordings are available to download from their Bandcamp.

They are currently scheduled to tour in 2021 at Birmingham Dead Wax (April 28), London Camden Assembly (29), Bristol Louisiana (30), Nottingham Bodega (May 1), Leeds Hyde Park Book Club (5), Glasgow Broadcast (6), Sheffield Record Junkee (7), Manchester Academy 2 (8), Halifax Lantern (15) and Blackpool Bootleg Social (22).


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