Monday 9 November 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Celestial North - Distant Life

Distant Life is Celestial North's seventh single and her first of 2020 as she has spent lockdown writing tracks for her debut album. Her most uplifting song to date, there's an infectious energy from the opening bars as she takes a look back over her life and contemplates finding herself and learning from the lessons of earlier life

She explains "I wrote this song as if I was giving counsel to my younger self. I was thinking retrospectively a lot during lockdown - of things you do when you are young,  people you meet along the way, things unsaid and done, regret and remembrance. These are the experiences that mould you. Coming of age is such a turbulent time, emotions are high and it's all so weird because as we pass into adulthood we have a deep-seated melancholy for those years. This was like a gentle hug to the young me."

That very much comes across in the line - "I am just a vehicle for other people's happiness, I need to find my own" - which, like many of the lyrics across her previous releases - feels like sage advice to anyone.

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