Monday 20 July 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Laurie Shepherd - Home

Home is the second single to be taken from Laurie Shepherd's forthcoming debut album Moon Moves The Sea that is due for release in October. It's a critical look at how the human race is treating the planet on which we live, oblivious to the long-term impacts.

The song is dramatic in its build, moving from moments of quiet reflection, strings dancing in the background, piano that's contemplative in the main but with a short sharp burst in the middle of the track. It's accompanied by rich vocals that demonstrate a real emotional investment in the lyrics, accentuating them by the chosen point in Laurie's impressive range that she selects to sing any particular line.

Lyrically, the song refers to Home in the wider sense of the planet we live on and Laurie explains in great detail about how the song is about the damage that we're doing to the world and not really facing up to the consequences of many of our actions.

“One of the things that inspired this song was reading about the life changing experiences that astronauts often go through when seeing our planet from space. These people are extremely well trained professionals who have been sent up there with a job to do, yet looking back and seeing this ancient planet that has grown us all through millions of years of evolution is enough to make them break down in tears and be changed forever by the experience.

Staring at our planet from outer space must be truly profound, but it can also be extraordinarily beautiful as experienced from within. I don’t want to be sentimental here. I know there is all kinds of ugliness and brutality that goes within Mother Earth, but I think all of us have known moments of deep appreciation, beauty and a feeling of connectedness with the rest of nature.

The hardest thing is knowing that it’s disappearing.

Scientists all over the world are in overwhelming agreement about the severity of global warming. I get the sense that some people are tired of hearing this – that we’re living through one of the six mass extinctions in the history of our planet, and that it is our species that’s responsible. I understand how difficult it is to accept – to let that sink in. People don’t want to feel down. Life is stressful and difficult enough as it is. But for me it’s something that’s impossible to ignore. I’ve shed so many tears over this and lost a lot of sleep, not knowing what kind of world my children, and their children, are going to inherit.

My sense is that if we allow ourselves to actually feel the pain and loss of it all – especially the loss of all those life forms that were unique to the cosmos and will never been seen again – then perhaps we can learn to appreciate how outrageously fortunate we are to be a part of this world.”

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