Monday 6 July 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Ruby Joy - Hooked On Your Mind

Hooked On Your Mind is the debut single from Ruby Joy. The track tells the tale of a character who is obsessed with someone who has no interest in them and giving them firm and honest advice about how to deal with the situation.

When we caught Ruby's show with Seamonsters back in January this year, we commented "Her lyrical themes are the simple ones that make life complicated - relationships and uncertainties about direction in life - but they’re delivered with a clarity and wisdom even if the solutions are still unclear. Ruby is definitely someone to keep a close ear on." 

Hooked In Your Mind, one of the highlights that evening, demonstrates this perfectly, Ruby's advice isn't the softly softly approach often taken, but explicit that the only way to escape is to free yourself from the obsession - "it's your fault, you let her inside, you're in this one deep." Musically it's impressive in its ambition for a debut release - the crisp clear production allowing the bold instrumentation to really accentuate the tone in Ruby's voice and make the message even more powerful. It's one of the strongest debut singles we've heard this year.

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