Wednesday 18 December 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Purple Heart Parade - Petrichor

Purple Heart Parade have revealed Petrichor, the lead track from their Desolation Angel EP that comes out on split purple and orange vinyl in early January. The song both remains true to their past sound, but also shows them broadening their horizons, expanding their minds and those of the listeners with a sound that's more detailed and adventurous than we've heard from them before.

They describe the sound of the lead track and EP - "Life’s a roller-coaster through the heavens. You’ll hit some soul destroying lows, but just up the track you know you’re going to hit some heavenly highs. The EP is also about being true to yourself, standing up for your beliefs, doing your own thing, even though it’s not considered cool. It’s also about freeing yourself from negative situations in all aspects of life and cleansing yourself of them"

Purple Heart Parade are on Facebook and Twitter.

The Desolation Angel EP can be preordered here.

Limited copies will be available at their show at Manchester Yes on December 19. Remaining tickets are available here.

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