Thursday 19 December 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : Shadow Show - Shadow Box

Shadow Box is the lead single from Shadow Show's debut album Silhouettes due for release on Valentine's Day next year. The Detroit three-piece describe themselves as "a power trio of a mysterious hue" and combine familiar sounds from underground garage scenes with something that sounds modern and of these difficult times.

They expand on that description "Combining elements of 60’s garage-psychedelia into a 21st century modern pop-art incarnation, they project a vision to the world in their display: a spectacle of light as curious as shadow." The single and album's sound reflects the dark times their home city has gone through with the decline in its traditional automotive industrial giants and transports you to dark basement venues where rock and roll can be the most powerful of distractions, particularly for teenagers trying to find their place and their way. Free of pretense and glamour, it's an exceptionally raw record that's open, honest and direct and will delight those that stumble across its path.

Shadow Show are on Facebook and Twitter. Silhouettes can be preordered via Burger Records in the US and Stolen Body in the UK (on two limited edition coloured Charades or Dreamheads or an eco vinyl).

album cover shot - Jaimie Sanchez-Skriba

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