Wednesday 11 December 2019

TRACK OF THE DAY : talker - Learning The Feeling

talker's latest single Learning The Feeling is a song about opening yourself up, standing up for yourself and not being afraid of who you are, what you represent and what you feel. It's the follow-up, both chronologically and lyrically, from her previous single Keep Me Safe - and a song that Celeste (talker) describes as "I've never felt so sure about a song."

The song is very much about finally being yourself, throwing off all the shackles that have kept you tied up in your emotions and anxieties and the feeling that you have to act a certain way to fit in rather than just be yourself.  Celeste explains "When you’ve been holding in your feelings for so long, sometimes you have to finally scream them out. That’s what Learning the Feeling is for me – the musical exploration of finally being open after years of hiding behind my anxiety. Keep Me Safe’ (her previous single), I was holding my breath waiting for a moment of truth. ‘Learning the Feeling’ is that moment.

She continues "I wrote Learning the Feeling at a time when I was ready to really open myself up and be true to my feelings. My co-writers were in similar places of needing to let out some sort of heavy emotion, and we all knew that the only way to do that was to show them at full force."

The single is accompanied by a video that perfectly captures the emotion and intent of the song, with Celeste waking up, getting in her car and setting out with a baseball bat to wreak the revenge on the demons described in the song's lyrics ("So I’m kicking and screaming, blue in the face from keeping it in, yeah, I’m finally breathing, bottled it up, but I’m learning the feeling.")

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