Friday 29 May 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Loose Articles - Snake

Loose Articles have released a lockdown video with a difference for Snake, one of the tracks from last year's Orchid Lounge EP that features them making the most of the strange times we find ourselves living in.

We described the single in our review - "Snake starts with venom aimed at the “slippery slippery reptile” who’s done them wrong. It stops and starts three times, has a call and response between guitars and Natalie lets fly with a volley of angry bile at whoever’s done her wrong. The production lets that anger breathe, vocals aren’t done and redone until they’re perfect because it would kill the song stone dead."

Rather than dwell on reflective shots in isolation like so many artists have, the video features some of the band out in the park, socially distancing and drinking, Natalie and Tre sharing vocals at home whilst Erin and Lou head outside to play football, lie on the grass and drink lager. It's got a lot of humour running through it that reflects their intent to make the best out of things.

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