Friday 8 May 2020

TRACK OF THE DAY : Ellysse Mason - Something Good

Something Good is the first new material from Ellysse Mason since 2018's Hunt Me Down EP. Accompanied by an home-made isolation video, the single shows her moving away from her folk roots to a more electronic sound without distilling any of the emotional qualities of her vocals or her words.

Ellysse told us a little more in a recent interview about the song's meaning - "To be honest it's probably hard to tell from the sound of the track as it's quite happy and uplifting, which IS partially what it's about. But it's actually about the ups and downs/highs and lows of depression and anxiety, and sometimes being misunderstood because of it. It's about the struggle or search for that happier feeling when you're low I guess."

The video to accompany the single is a homemade affair, and whilst it captures perfectly, in our view, the feel and mood of the song as Ellysse explained, its creation was a fortunate consequence of the strange times we are living in.

She explained to us - "Originally I had a pretty crazy idea for the video which was based around flying saucers (me being in one), outer space, crash landing on the moon, moon people, stop motion animation... the list of grand ideas goes on! Then the pandemic hit and like everyone else I was stuck at home wondering what to do with unfinished plans. Now my flat mate is NOT a photographer / videographer, but he does have a good eye (and I have an old Canon camera), and I saw a really sweet, short clip that Ariana Grande did for Vogue, so we thought we'd try and make something similar. The obvious thing to base it around was just being stuck in the house, bored, being happy, being sad, playing guitar, doing jigsaws.. FLIPPING PANCAKES (which I did for the first time in the video and NAILED - thank you...)"

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