Friday 18 February 2022

TRACK OF THE DAY : The False Peak - The Dreamer

The Dreamer is the debut single from The False Peak, a Leeds-based trio and the song very much lives up to their stated aim of "writing catchy songs with an evocative message" as they look back at childhood memories wrapped up in music that has a warm and endearing feel to it.

The False Peak are Anna Reed (drums), Caris Shekell (bass) and Matt Heming (guitar), the former two also part of Lunar Sounds who we've covered on the blog previously.

Caris explains the thoughts behind the song, ones that are very much reflected in the wistful mood of the song and one that people old enough to look back at their childhood with the benefit of a few years distance will recognise - “I wrote the song while I was reminiscing about summer evenings I’d spend with friends back when I was in my late teens. I grew up in the countryside, so we’d usually be sat around a campfire in some field until the early hours of the morning. It’s a really evocative memory for me, so we tried to put all that feeling into the music.”

The False Peak are on Facebook and Twitter.


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