Wednesday 29 April 2015

Track Of The Day : My Igloo - Bashment

Bashment is the first track from Manchester's My Igloo with their new line-up. The live favourite has been transformed from a raucous saxophone-led knees-up in something more chilled in its approach and vibe, but something quite special.

Bashment's rolling rhythms create a late-night soothing track that lives up to their definition of "reggae dub garage blues funk soul vibes, the whole exotic caboodle", pooling the multiple influences of the band that made their live debut less than a year ago.

My Igloo's Andy Livanis explains "Bashment was recorded in my bedroom because we can't afford a studio. It started with the melodica riff, then all the other instruments came together. I'd written the lyrics previously during a strange experience at a bashment (rave)"

"The song has two themes. Firstly it's a person experiencing a wakening at a bashment rave and secondly using that experience to express the musical idea as a woman (anthropomorphesising the bashment), either this, or however people wanna interpret it in their own way."

"We try not to stick to a single genre, we try something new with each song. Bashment is our latest musical expression."

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