Monday 3 July 2017

Track Of The Day : Trip To Dover - Fade Into Gold

"A pianist fell in love with a punk girl" reads the intro to the PR. That type of description often disappoints when you listen to the music, but when you listen to Trip To Dover's Fade Into Gold, the title track of their album, you get something much more than you'd expect.

The pianist and the punk girl did fall in love and get married and then formed a band called Trip To Dover and Fade Into Gold is the result of that coming together. Not punk and certainly not classical piano, the song aims straight for the dancefloor in all its unashamed shimmering glory. There's plenty more descriptions on the press release and on their Facebook page, but to get a real feel for what Olga and Johannes are about, just listen to the song.

Trip To Dover are on Facebook and Twitter.

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