Tuesday 22 July 2014

Introducing : Prelow

Sometimes you discover music by happy accident.  We hit upon Prelow because their latest song Mistakes Like This came up after a song we'd searched for on Soundcloud.  We immediately wanted to find out more, only to discover they've been quite secretive to date.

Mistakes Like This is only the third song they've unveiled and there's very little interview material other than this piece from the excellent Indie Shuffle earlier in the year.

They're a two-piece based in New York featuring vocalist Jesse Aicher and producer Matt Walsh, who creates a synth sound reminiscent of Photo Album era Death Cab For Cutie on Mistakes Like This.

We love them and we're on the hunt to find out more, but have a listen and fall in love with them like we did.

They are on Facebook and Twitter.  Their Soundcloud page features three tracks - Mistakes Like This and two downloadable tracks Simple Song and For The Team.

(photo by Conor McAdam - source Prelow Facebook page)

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