Saturday 27 June 2015

Introducing - Control Of The Going

This week we're very excited about our tip on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show. A drunken chat outside the Night And Day, a scribbled name (if iPhone notes count as the modern day equivalent) and a listen to the songs the next morning and Control Of The Going had us hooked. As well as their debut EP, Epilepsy Bus Ride, there's lots on their soundcloud for you to get your teeth into ahead of their debut show at the very same place we met them on July 10th. We had a bit more sober chat with them to find out more.

Could you introduce the band please and tell us how you got together?

(Liam) We are Liam Hart on vocals and guitar, Ashley Hart on 12 string guitar, Matt Byrne on guitar, Tom Sillitoe on bass guitar, Minesh Mistry on keyboard and Alex Reid on drums

We initially formed the band on a night out. We were in Mojos in Manchester three years ago and we came to the conclusion that, although we were all very different, we had a common love for psychedelic music. The founding members were myself, Alex, Matt and Minesh. 

We have all known each other since school or college, so we were all very good friends. Initially we practised at Alex’s house in a tiny room with some of the most rudimentary equipment available, but as time moved on we improved and chemistry began to flow. What took us to another level was when we looked like we were going to break up. Alex left the band and my brother Ashley joined as a bassist originally. We booked into a rehearsal studio and began putting a serious effort into working on our music. Ashley added a cutting edge to the band; we began to approach our music in different manner. A more critically minded yet creative approach to our sound.

We began to write better songs. Gained a temporary drummer and started to sound like an actual band. A year later, Alex made a spectacular return. Three months later we released our first EP, a month after that Tom joined us on bass, and now here we are.

It's an interesting name - Control Of The Going - how did that come about?

(Liam) We are all from East Manchester, the majority of us are from Audenshaw. Despite many of us being hard working young lads, none of us have ever been able to get away from here or to even manage to find a job in the areas in which we wanted to work. I came up with the name, because personally I have always been prevented from where I want or need to go; this has been the same for the lads in the band too. Someone or something is controlling where we want to go.

The EP's called Epilepsy Bus Ride - again an interesting name - where did that come from and other than us not liking it in our review, have you had anyone have any issues with it?

(Ashley) It's a name I came up with whilst I was making my way home one day. I was on a Bus. It seems almost everyone didn't like the name but I thought it would have made a cool band name. When we were thinking of a name for the EP, we couldn't resist calling it Epilepsy Bus Ride, largely because it divided opinion and we believe it's rather eye catching and memorable.

(Matt) To me, the name of the EP meant to signify a journey which was influenced by experiences within the mind, which describes the mood we have tried to create.

(Liam) Some people believe it is a reference to Joy Division and Ian Curtis. However, this wasn’t initially thought of. Without a doubt, there is some influence in the band from Ian Curtis and Joy Division, but this did not motivate the name for the EP. I believe we selected this name due to us struggling to find a name which was different, which would stand out, would create interesting conversation and would be memorable.

You've not played a gig yet but you have more than a dozen songs on your soundcloud. That's a different approach to most bands who are very secretive and protective about new songs. Do you think it's important that these get heard as they are formed?

(Liam) As a band we decided to upload early demos and concepts straight out of the practice rooms. I agree, this is different. However, we decided to do this because we didn't want to be seen like we were hiding away in a studio somewhere working on something obscure. We all enjoy how music develops and how it is created, so we had to do this to show our own development.

Your first gig is on July 10th at the Night And Day. How are the preparations going for that and what can we expect from the set?

(Liam) Without a hint of bias, the preparations are going fantastic. We cannot wait to get going. We have been together now for three years and have been developing and nurturing our sound, and now we feel like we are at a level where we are going to turn some heads now we are out and gigging. There is no doubt, we are still relatively unknown, but we relish being the dark horse and we can’t wait to surprise everyone. Two six string guitars, a twelve string, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals, there will certainly be plenty going on.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard you yet?

(Ashley) I'd say its "Neo psychedelic garage rock". I had a plan to bridge the gap between Joy Division and the early Rolling Stones stuff, I'm not sure if I've done that but we've certainly been influenced by the late 80s & early 90s shoegaze and sychedelic bands and even a lot of new and contemporary ones.

(Alex) Original. I can't really think of any band that sound similar to us. I believe we are fairly unique. The lyrics and metaphors are dark but the actual sound is catchy and upbeat, some have described it as having a heavy influence from the 60s and 70s.

(Liam) Describing your sound is very difficult, however, I would certainly agree with both Ashley and Alex. Our music is dark, life round here can be grim. However, we hide the dark lyrics in a fantasy which sometimes sounds like a juxtaposition. It is a reinterpretation of the music which we grew up with and the music we discovered growing up. It is also very different. Something new, but familiar.

We write music which is heavily focused on composition. Composition is key. Our music contains lyrics that mean something to us, catchy guitar work, a dominating bass line, with sometimes minimalistic drum lines and a guitar lick which is designed to get you humming it later. In listening to us, you can close your eyes and find something new every time.

Control Of The Going are on FacebookTwitter and Soundcloud.

Their debut live show is at The Night and Day in Manchester on July 10th.

The EP is available from their Bandcamp page.

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