Friday 10 December 2021

TRACK OF THE DAY : James Holt - The Wedding

Even The Stars favourite James Holt seems to be churning out more songs than Santa’s elves are busily making toys it would appear, and what a gift for our eardrums his new single The Wedding is.

Full of wonderfully poignant lyrics juxtaposed with uplifting and melodic instrumentation, this song has that rare quality of being oh so relatable to a huge swathe of people. It describes the devastating feeling of being in love with someone who is about to marry another, and yet far from being bitter and angry it has a delicate softness to it and a lightness of touch as indicated in the beautifully alliterative phrase ‘velvet voice’ as James describes letting go of his love as she marries someone else.

The song opens with the subtle yet distorted sound of wedding bells, serving as an ominous prelude of what is to come, before moving into those trademark melodic passages of music that fan’s of James’ are used to. Although the instrumentation has a light and breezy melodic feel to it, the music is in stark contrast to the lamentation of the words which recount a of tale of unrequited love and the realisation that letting go of love is inevitable. This is an irresistible song, both sad and uplifting, it is hard not to shed a tear when listening to the repeated refrain of ‘oh my oh my oh my’ as the song moves from being in a major key to a minor tone, where it ends abruptly. It is a wonderful track, and yet we have come to expect no less from James. Take a listen.

James plays his biggest headline show to date at Manchester Academy 3 on December 17. Tickets are available here.

James Holt's website can be found here and he is on Facebook and Twitter


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