Thursday 9 December 2021

TRACK OF THE DAY : Sisterix - What Will I Wear To The Revolution?

Dublin sister duo Sisterix have released their latest single, What Will I Wear To The Revolution?, a song that captures the contradictions between fighting battles against the system and the expectations placed on people by society and social media to look good at all times.

The video is a really clever take on the Instagram culture, superimposing images of Siomha and Ornait on historic revolutionary events with comments underneath the photos. The lyrics follow suit - "What will I wear to the revolution? What’s the dress code of the distribution. Of the surplus and the means of production. What will I wear? I was thinking something practical. So I could run, so that I could crawl. Through the holes that we kick in the wall. Of capital" 

Like their previous singles, What Will I Wear To The Revolution? is set to a direct musical backing that has almost waltz-like qualities that complement their vocals and harmonies and provide a similar juxtaposition between the subject matter and the feel of the song as the one in the song's subject matters.

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