Sunday 28 December 2014

Even The Stars Tips For 2015 - Day Three

Welcome to the day three of Even The Stars' tips for 2015. They're not necessarily artists that we think will make a big breakthrough (except our Top Three which we'll reveal on New Year's Eve), but bands and solo artists that haven't released their debut album we're looking forward to hearing and see more of next year.

Today's tips are Jordan Allen, LIINES, The Lottery Winners, The Shambles, Wall Market Racketeers, Gengahr, Mary Joanna and No Hot Ashes.


2014 was a big year for Jordan Allen, delivering on the promise of his early internet solo tracks and getting The Jordan Allen Band together, expanding the sound of those demos and playing increasingly busy live shows. 2015 promises to be even bigger as his literate, observational songs strike a chord with his growing audience.

The Jordan Allen Band are on Facebook and Twitter.


LIINES were a relatively late discovery for us in 2014, but the trio possess a thrilling rhythm section and a set full of two and a half minute balls of pent-up energy that never sound the same and a stage presence that keeps the audience captivated. They have self-released a demo cd this year at shows, but hopefully we'll see lots more live shows and some studio recordings in 2015.

LIINES' official website can be found here.  They are also on TwitterFacebook and Soundcloud.


The Lottery Winners have been on our radar for quite some time now and 2015 promises to be their best year yet. Having thrilled audiences supporting the likes of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott and Jamie Cullum as well as headlining sets around the North West with their perfectly crafted intelligent pop gems as well as captivating and amusing them with front man Thomas Ryland's infectious personality and attracting major label interest, they appear to be on the brink of a breakthrough.

The Lottery Winners website can be found here.  They are also on Twitter and Facebook.


We've been impressed by the Manchester four-piece's demo tracks even though, as far as we're aware, The Shambles haven't played any live shows yet.  Sam, Matt, Liam and Nathan have a dozen songs written and we're intrigued to hear what they're going to come up with in 2015.

The Shambles are on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.


Wall Market Racketeers were one of our discoveries of the year, we stumbled across their Invisible Ink EP by chance on Soundcloud and were immediately impressed by the way they managed to create such a minimalist yet intensely intricate sound as well as their extremely articulate social commentary on songs such as Firesale (an attack on the Murdoch empire). We exclusively revealed follow-up single Distance Between on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show and as they've now brought a drummer on board we're excited about what 2015 will bring.

Wall Market Racketeers are on FacebookBandcamp and Twitter.


Gengahr's opening salvo of Powder and Bathed In Light is a pretty impressive introduction to the band's sound. They've just finished a session in a recording studio and January and February see them out on tour with Alt J in Europe before their first two headline shows in the UK at the Eagle Inn in Salford and The Waiting Room in London. They've picked up some substantial radio support that will see them get much bigger in 2015.

Gengahr are on Facebook and Twitter.


Following the split of the short-lived Mary Joanna And The Southern Electrikk, Mary Joanna Coogan  teamed up with partner Stephen Evans and brother Will Coogan to form a trio and perform a debut set at the Night and Day in Manchester at the end of November. Fade (Tired Eyes) is the first song they've revealed and if it's indicative of the material they've been writing together then they're going to very quickly get themselves a much bigger audience.

Mary Joanna are on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.


Manchester four-piece No Hot Ashes blew us away the first time we saw them at the Deaf Institute in June and since then they've headlined sets at Kraak Gallery and The Soup Kitchen in Manchester to a growing audience. They started 2014 with their WOB / Cigs & PG Tips single and finished it with a follow-up Goose and Skank, recorded with Editors' producer Gavin Monaghan.

No Hot Ashes' website can be found here. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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