Monday 11 December 2017

Average Sex - Ice Cream EP

Average Sex's debut EP Ice Cream is a collection of four songs produced with a refreshing approach to their art. Like their live shows, it's remarkably playful in its approach, particularly lyrically. It doesn't strive for musical perfection, because quite frankly that would be boring. It's the musical equipment of letting someone dig you in the ribs and then tickle your sides, but you don't care because instead of irritating you, you secretly love it and don't want it to stop.

"Let's go out tonight, let's fuck strangers. After 1, 2, 3 shots people are much less ugly, more nice to me" declares Laetitia mischievously on the chorus of opening track Ugly Strangers, a song about going out and getting pissed and the morning after comedown. Musically it jumps all over the place, a riff here, drums kicking in then dropping out. It could be a real mess, but it's not, it's the chaos that makes it thrilling, particularly when the slightly over-the-top solo kicks in half way through. You'll either turn your nose up at it or you'll love it for its tongue-in-cheek playfulness. We hit the back button as soon as it finished.

We're Done is a schizophrenic - "I hate you in the morning, I love you in the evening" - break-up song with a twist. Laetitia plays the role of both the hard done by and the crazy obsessed stalker in the same verse declaring "you act I'm the crazy one since you slashed your tyres" delivered with an innocent grin, delicious off-key harmonies and squally guitars in the background.

Hey Boy is an unadultered love song declaring "hey boy, you're so fine, I want to keep you in my pockets so you'll be with me all the time, I'll give you a stroke when I go for a walk" to a beau who's a little scared by the attention. It's not surprising as Laetitia talks about writing drum solos to make his eardrums cry, wanting to be taught maths and hanging around his house every day until he gives in to her unusual flirting methods.

Ice Cream is probably the best of the lot, a song about unrequited love, watching the object of Laetita's desire with their girlfriend, looking on helplessly whilst secretly wishing that he were hers, declaring "your face is like a big ice cream, I just want to lick it before it melts." At points it feels like the riff is going to turn into Tiffany's Radio Romance which isn't a bad thing and ironically it's also a song with a similar storyline.  At two minutes and sixteen seconds it doesn't hang around and it perfectly represents what Average Sex are all about. This EP doesn't take itself too seriously, greets you with a mischievous wink, its tongue stuck out and a wiggle of its bum. It's the sound of twenty first century alternative pop music that'll make you smile as well as want to dance.

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