Wednesday 27 December 2017

Tips For 2018 - Part One

Every year we make some predictions of bands that we think are going to make an impact in the following year and beyond (we use that caveat as we're often a year ahead of some of these types of polls as we cover bands at the very grass roots level, particularly in Manchester). Last year our nominations included the likes of Cabbage, Carnival Club, Matter Of Mind, Dantevilles, Berries, Urban Theory and Peaness, all of whom had successful years.

Over the next five days, cumulating with our top four tips on Saturday, we'll run through 20 acts we think could make their mark in 2018.


The Big Peach burst onto the local scene in Manchester in the later part of the year with an almost insatiable desire to play gigs anywhere anyone would have them, something that comes from the open mic circuit where they've learnt their trade.

Describing themselves as "rock and roll outlaws" they have three lead vocalists who share responsibilities as well as guitar - Harry and George Richards and Henry Smith with James Drummond on bass and Sean Hitchen on drums.

We described their Big Peach EP like this - "Intentionally, or not, The Big Peach EP feels fantastically lo-fi, like they've turned up, plugged in and turned their nose up at any sort of studio trickery. Whilst bands strive and stretch and move away from the basics of what they do to get attention, it's this simple uncluttered approach that makes The Big Peach so fresh, invigorating and exciting and makes them stand out a mile"

The Big Peach are on Facebook and Twitter.


Another Manchester band in name, although like Cabbage who they supported this autumn they're also from Mossley, Proletariat made waves by selling out their headline show at Soup Kitchen weeks in advance, Their single Mr Brown won them a host of admirers that has continued their upward trajectory including a set at Cotton Clouds Festival that drove a rave response before releasing a second track Ignorance which cemented their position. Their final single of the year Kiss Of Death even saw them get played on BBC Radio 1, no mean feat for a band so early in their life.

They headline the Manchester leg of This Feeling's Big In 2018 night at Jimmy's on January 20th with one of our 2017 nominations Matter Of Mind.

Proletariat are James Cummins (vocals and guitar), Connor Dolan (lead guitar), Aaron Hall (bass) and Luke O'Reilly (drums)

Proletariat are on Facebook and Twitter.


TEAR are a four-piece - lead singer Camille, Eve, Ben and Jed - who released their imaginatively titled debut VINYL01 in March 2017 on Tim Burgess's Ogenesis Records. Featuring tracks like Careless Again, Never Fade Away and The Sprawl, there's an intensity to their sound that you'd associate with PJ Harvey or The Breeders. They've been relatively quiet for the second half of the year, so hopefully new material will be imminent early in 2018.

We described their performance at Cotton Clouds Festival in August - "TEAR are next up on the same stage and whilst the crowd has thinned a bit, people are drawn in as it progresses from the sounds coming from it. A four-piece, championed by Tim Burgess, it’s not hard to see why. Their songs are pent with controlled aggression and anger from Camille, but delivered in a bitter sweet coating that leaves you smiling."

TEAR are on Facebook and Twitter.


Ailbhe Reddy is a singer-songwriter who released her second EP Attach To Memory and then her best single to date The Tube during 2017 as well as continuing to pack out shows in her native Ireland as well as a main stage set at Head For The Hills festival and a UK autumn tour. A refreshing honest and open lyricist who writes about matters of the mind and heart, she seems set to make her mark even further in 2018.

We described her main stage performance at Head For The Hills festival - " immediately she wins us over with the sort of voice that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you listen. There's a harder edge to her songs than we'd expected from our YouTube research prior to the festival, but her voice is perfectly capable of handling both softer moments as well as fighting its way through guitars and drums and the wind that's starting to blow around the stage. The gathered crowd's response tells its own story, that people are equally transfixed by songs such as Distrust, Keepsake, Flesh And Blood and her forthcoming single The Tube. She also displays a real humility and a wicked sense of humour between songs as she interacts with the crowd and her band. But it's her voice that leaves us wanting to hear a lot more from her."

Ailbhe Reddy's website can be found here and she is on Facebook and Twitter.

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