Wednesday 15 July 2015

Track Of The Day : Lock - Click

Click is the debut single from London-based duo Lock made up of sisters Edie and Gita. It forms part of a four-track EP with another new track The High Life and remixes of the title track by Felon and Dan Noisettes.

The track is an enchanting electronic journey with haunting, if slightly menacing vocals proclaiming "If I click, click my fingers now, I'd have you here right where I want you to be" over a pulsating swirling beat that's highly addictive. The beauty of the song is that it works equally well sat at home in a contemplative mood as it would a dance floor, which is no mean trick to pull off.

On the basis of Click and The High Life, Lock are a world apart from the Langley Sisters, the band Edie and Gita performed in previously. They're writing with Gita's husband Ed Harcourt amongst others and the buzz around them means that the first run of cassettes of the EP has already sold out.

Lock are on Facebook and Twitter.  The Click EP is available now on iTunes.

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