Tuesday 8 December 2015

Even The Stars Albums Of The Year 2015 - 16 to 13

It's that time of year again when we reveal our favourite records of the year. There's been so many great albums made this year that not all of them could make the final cut and it's been a hard choice to whittle them down to just twenty. We continue our countdown today from 16 to 13.


Ghost Culture's debut album, released right back at the start of January, is a rare piece that manages to merge the best elements of electronic music with an innate understanding of classic synth pop and intelligent meaningful lyrics to produce one of the most compelling albums of its genre for years. The project is the work of Londoner James Greenwood, who was picked up by Phantasy label's DJ and producer Erol Alkan on the basis of one track and together they've created this record which, despite not being something that would ordinarily get us excited, is one we're continually going back to and rediscovering new things about twelve months later.

From our review : "Ghost Culture is such a success because it transcends traditional boundaries between genres in a way that so few manage to do without sounding contrived or just plain terrible. It's a record that will appeal to fans with wide tastes in music and challenge its audience to discover new things hidden in the mix on every listen whilst remaining accessible without ever resorting to cheap or trite tricks to draw listeners in."

Ghost Culture's official website can be found here. He is also on Facebook and Twitter.


We Paid For Blood is the second album from Dexters released in September. The follow-up to last year’s Shimmer Gold debut album is a heady mix of a band on the outside looking in, analysing their place in the world and putting a big supporting arm around their friends and loved ones. Fast and frenetic in parts, more reflective in others, it’s a bold statement of intent that captures the unquenchable spirit of their live shows that will delight those who loved the debut, but will also draw in new fans.

From our review : "We Paid For Blood is the sound of a band doing their growing up in public, starting to answer some of life’s questions and still pondering others. They’ve still got the spirit of youth and the anger and passion that fuelled their debut, and that comes through in both the words and the music, but in most places here it’s used to more controlled and targeted effect. It’s a transition that bands often fail to make, recycling the same formula over and over again in a downward spiral, but Dexters still sound fresh, agitated and have something to tell us."

Dexters' official website can be found here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.


Frank Turner is an inspiration to any musician scraping around the toilet venues of the land that hard work, dedication and the ability to make a connection with people can take them from such humble surroundings to the festival stages and arenas of the country. His latest album Positive Songs For Negative People adopts a very direct approach to the listener's ears and heart, even concluding with A Song For Josh, recorded for a departed friend live at Washington's 9.30 Club venue where he worked.

From our review : "Filling arenas might be seen as a sell-out in the punk scene that Turner left behind as if success is something to be ashamed of, but he's remained true to his roots both on record but also in his approach to his fans and not forgetting the places that made him the musician he is. Strip away some of the production and Positive Songs is a record he could have made whilst still playing the boozers of the Holloway Road."

Frank Turner's official website can be found here. He is on Facebook and Twitter.


The Lucid Dream have caused huge ripples in the psychedelic scene in the North of England in 2015 with the release of their second self-titled album as well as some incendiary live shows which are even showcasing songs from a third album they're in the process of writing.

From our review : "The dark, almost industrial sleeve of the new album from The Lucid Dream doesn't give any clues to the joyous, colourful music found within. The second album from Cumbria's The Lucid Dream is a delightful collection of psychedelia. The opening track Mona Lisa is worthy of the price of the LP alone."

The Lucid Dream's website can be found here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Numbers 12 - 9 tomorrow. Read about 20 to 17 featuring Air Cav, Minnie Birch, White Boy and Jemima Surrender here.

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