Friday 16 August 2019

Control Of The Going - Reflections EP

Control Of The Going today release their new EP Reflections, their first new material since their debut album I Love You But It's Going To Rain. Their new line-up captures much of what made people fall for their debut, but also demonstrates that they're a band moving forwards in developing their sound.

The EP opens with Girl Of God, huge vocal harmonies ushering in a hook that's primetime Control Of The Going, rich and uplifting. Liam's vocals kick in, immediately recognisable for the warm unique tone he has, and the song takes us on its journey through the opening throes of romance - "I came across a girl of god, she showed me things I'd never could see, she took my heart and she took my soul." It stops and starts at points in the song, a little unsettling on first listen, before the hook takes back control until it ends with Liam centre-stage as the instruments drop out behind him.

Reflections is a revisit of an old track from their first demos. It shows very clearly their progress as a band, but how they've managed to retain the spirit at the very core of the band and it's ever changing line-up. A gentle meandering stroll of an intro fills you with a sense of peace, the song wrapping itself around you like a musical comfort blanket, although the lyrics tell a different story - "no time for interaction, warmth has turned to frost." Their control and mastery of the pace of the song is the key here as Liam muses "now that we're older we're wiser" as the song lives up to its title of looking back and learning.

Day By Day has a more claustrophobic feel to it, Liam's vocals set back in the mix to heighten the tension and draw the listener in. The clever production creates a mirage effect, unsettling in intent and impact, drums come to the fore then sink back in, then the guitars do the same whilst Liam repeats the song's title with different follow-ups in the middle section and just the title as it reaches its conclusion.

Panophobia has a completely different feel to it, a little more sparse in the verses and with Liam's vocals more menacing as a result without the lift of his band mates around him as he rails about political failures, corrupt corporations and sycophants and people on the make as it becomes a disparaging commentary on the state of the world and the people who benefit from it.

Reflections feels like a bridging point between the Control Of The Going of their debut album and where they're moving to for their second album with a new structure and a transatlantic writing method in place. Warm and inviting, it shows a band starting to spread its wings and stretch its vision.

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