Monday 26 January 2015

Introducing - Daisy Victoria

Norfolk-based Daisy Victoria is a singer-songwriter who released two stunning EPs last year - her debut Heart Full Of Beef in March, being followed up by Nobody Dies at the end of November. She's currently hard at work on new material for a release in the near future, but is taking time out to play a show at Birthdays in Dalston tomorrow (27th) and to talk to Even The Stars.

Could you start by telling us a little about you and how you got into music?

I don’t really know, it was sort of an accident. I started off playing classical piano and flute and wasn’t so into the whole reading music side of things, so moved to drums and electric guitar, but only started discovered singing and writing songs quite a bit later when I was about 16.

You release and tour under the name Daisy Victoria, which is you obviously. Is everything on the record you or do you have a band that you record and tour with?

Everything (except the drums) on my EPs to date are played by me and my brother who co-writes and produces my songs, but I’m lucky enough to have a brilliant bassist and drummer to play live with me too.

You've released two EPs in just over six months at the back end of last year.  Are you a prolific songwriter or are these the result of many years of songwriting?

Two EPs seemed to come fairly easily last year which was a nice feeling. Sometimes a song is written really quickly and other times it takes many stages of editing and re-drafting and pulling apart and putting together again and it can be quite testing! I’m really enjoying writing my next release at the moment.

Who have been your songwriting inspirations and have you had the opportunity to meet any of them?

Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart. I’ve met neither, (Don Van Vliet’s dead and Bob Dylan’s Bob Dylan) but I like it that way. I’m not really into meeting people I look up to. I think it can spoil the enigma surrounding that person, or shatter the illusion of what you imagine they might be like, and I like imagining what I want to imagine about those people more than wanting to find out what they’re like in real life!

You've had some fairly significant radio support from the likes of Lauren Laverne, John Kennedy and Mary Ann Hobbs. How does it feel to have your music played by such huge supporters of independent music? 

I’m incredibly grateful to Lauren, Mary Anne and John, and BBC Suffolk and Norfolk Introducing. The support of all of these very kind people has been incredible, and every play helps to get my music heard by new people which is amazing! I’m also super grateful to all the blogs and smaller radio stations and djs that have taken the time to listen and cover my music. Without them, my music wouldn’t have reached any new ears!

What description of your music have you read that you feel best encapsulates your sound?

Lots of people have been extremely lovely and made some very flattering comparisons for which I’m very very grateful, but descriptions always seem really difficult in my opinion, I think I just write pop songs!  London In Stereo were incredibly sweet, they say “If PJ Harvey and Kate Bush defied science and procreated, Daisy would be their love child”.

And pushed into a corner, how would you describe it?


What are your plans for 2015?  You have a show at Birthdays in Dalston on the 27th, but what's next after that?

I’m currently writing for a new release which I’m really excited about which is hopefully coming in the next few months, along with a couple of new videos. And I’m hoping to have an exciting year of playing live, including some summer festivals!

Daisy Victoria plays Birthdays in Dalston tomorrow night (January 27th).

She is on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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