Wednesday 14 January 2015

Track Of The Day : Dark Furs - Hearts

Dark Furs are back with their third single, the male/female duelling of Hearts, a story of a break-up set to music with female and male vocals telling the story in dramatic accusatory tones, set to a cacophony of electronic chicanery and trickery.
They are a Los Angeles based trio featuring British ex-pat Suzanne May and LA natives Chad Philipps and Nathaniel Meek. They've released two acclaimed EP - Dark Furs and 2014's En L'Air - but Hearts is a huge step-up in intent and delivery.

The song's lyrics are caustic and dripping with venom as Suzanne counters Chad's "I'd like to know that you're somewhere on pain on the floor" with "I want you to ache when you wake" and that vitriol flows throughout the song before it closes with the refrain of Suzanne's "fuck you, goodbye."

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The single is available to buy from their Bandcamp page.

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