Wednesday 21 January 2015

Track Of The Day : Cold Cold Heart - Megan

Cold Cold Heart revealed themselves last year with two stunning tracks - Wolf Eyes You're Staring and Stand/Still - that got them played on Radio 6. They open up 2015 with a beautiful brooding instrumental piece entitled Megan that is our Track Of The Day.

The song would be a perfect fit for a movie soundtrack, an epic feel right from the outset, building slowly and gracefully, but with a subtle hint of a darker more menacing presence just below the surface, always on the point of explosion.

Cold Cold Heart are Robert Manning, Chris Daniel and Adam Jones. Robert explained to us a little more about the band. "We are a three-piece from London and Chichester and we formed in spring 2014 over our joint love of stars of the lid, Low, Labradford and A Winged Victim For The Sullen. We write, arrange and record all our songs over a single weekend together."

"We like to think our music soundtracks the fear and beauty in death, unspoken emotion and our struggles with disease.. We like to soundtrack the stories and emotions that we share together."

Cold Cold Heart was mixed and mastered by Steve Orchard who has worked with Peter Gabriel and Paul McCartney and is a pre-cursor for their debut album which they hope to have recorded and released in the summer.

Cold Cold Heart are on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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