Sunday 16 April 2017


Welcome to the eighth instalment of the Even The Stars playlist. Ten new songs that we've heard and loved this week and want to share.

1 The Big Moon - Bonfire

Bonfire is one of (well, they all are) stand-out tracks from The Big Moon's Love In The Fourth Dimension LP, which is likely to be one of the strongest contenders for our album of the year.

The Big Moon's official site can be found here and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

2 Wild Front - Views

Views is the latest single from Southampton four-piece Wild Front. Impressively ambitious and wide-reaching in its sound, it's a big shimmering anthem that's accompanied by a video that replicates the impact of the song.

Wild Front are on Facebook and Twitter.

3 Wy - Bathrooms

Bathrooms is the first single from the forthcoming debut album from Malmo's Wy. The duo (Ebba and Michel) have created a hypnotic slightly menacing track that makes us hyper-desperate (their genre description on Facebook) to hear more.

Wy are on Facebook and Twitter.

4 Big Thief - Mythological Beauty

Mythological Beauty is the latest single to be released from Big Thief's forthcoming album Capacity to be released on June 9. The Brooklyn four-piece are led by Adrianne Lenker whose soft tones immediately grabbed us on this single.

Big Thief's official site can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

5 Liset Alea - Going Home

Whilst singing with Nouvelle Vague, Liset Alea has also released her own album Heart-Headed from which Going Home is the latest single, a beautiful dreamy vocal taking centre stage with a stunning home-made video that can be watched here.

Liset Alea's official site can be found here and she is on Facebook and Twitter.

6 Anteros - Cherry Drop

Cherry Drop is the lead track from Anteros' Drunk EP. The highly-tipped four-piece's latest track is a wonderfully positive high-energy song that grabs you immediately and doesn't let go.

Anteros' official site can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

7 Vague - Indulge Me

There's something of the Jarvis Cocker about Vague's single Indulge Me from their recent Bored EP, slightly unnerving sexual innuendos set to a brilliant angular tune. Front man Sam's vocals make the whole thing a barrel of fun. They could get huge if they keep producing tracks like this.

Vague are on Facebook and Twitter.

8 Joan - Take Me On

Joan are Alan Thomas (formerly of Canopy Cutters) and Steven Rutherford and in Take Me On they've created a fabulously upbeat electronic track as their debut.

Joan are on Facebook and Twitter.

9 Delay Trees - Hope

Hope is the latest track to be released as a single from Finnish legends Delay Trees' album Let Go, which was released last month.

Delay Trees' official website can be found here and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

10 Laucan - Up Tomorrow

Up Tomorrow is the title track of Laucan's recent EP and has a warm dreamy quality to the vocals, both in the lead and the haunting backing. Laucan is the latest project of Lewes's Laurence Galpin.

Laucan are on Facebook and Twitter.

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