Monday 3 April 2017


Welcome to Even The Stars playlist number 6, ten songs that we've been listening to on repeat in the last week. Have a listen and discover something new.

1. SKIES - Afterwards

Folkestone's sticker-toting duo are on the road now with The Slow Readers Club and also playing their own dates and Afterwards is a big highlight of their live set, a stand-out track of their drums / guitar / vocals high energy assault on the listener that should win them over a whole load of new fans.

Skies' official website can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Cupids - Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

After a series of singles that have established them as one of Manchester's best unsigned and most under acknowledged bands, Cupids release their best one yet. Lyrically it talks in positive terms about, well the title gives that one away, that good will come out in the end and hopefully it will for Cupids too.

Cupids' official website can be found here. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Safetalk - Universal

Described in the PR as "from Paris and Berlin with love" Universal is a great pop song that's been given a new life by a psychedelic current being streamed straight through it. It's an exciting debut single that's rife with potential and possibilities.

Safetalk are on Facebook.

4. Maddy Storm - To The Sun

On a Manchester music scene dominated by bands of four or five guys with guitars of varying standards trying with varying degrees of success to live out the rock and roll dream, Maddy Storm is a breath of fresh air. Haunting ethereal vocals, a dramatic performance style combined with the ability to let loose when the mood takes has made her stand out from the crowd. To The Sun is her debut single.

Maddy Storm is on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Hazel English - Fix

Californian Hazel English caused a storm last year with her debut EP Never Going Home which sold out almost immediately and was getting £40+ on eBay without her ever visiting the UK. Fix is the first song from her follow-up Just Give In, although the two are being released together on CD and 2x12" single to coincide with a series of UK dates in May.

Hazel English's official website can be found here and she is on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Lily-Jo - Good Enough

Good Enough is the new single from Manchester's Lily-Jo, who's just completed a tour with Ben Haenow. The song is a positive reinforcement to people that they are good enough, to believe in themselves and ties in with Lily-Jo's support for mental health awareness groups.

Lily-Jo's website can be found here, where you can buy the EP. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Holy Matrimony - If You Cannot Love Yourself

We'd originally picked a track called Wilderness from their 2017 demo EP from this Manchester-based Merseyside band, but then they dropped their new EP Dearly Beloved: Part One of which If You Cannot Love Yourself is the lead track. A band we think have a big future ahead of them.

Holy Matrimony are on Facebook and Twitter.

8. The Howl & The Hum - Godmanchester Chinese Bridge

Godmanchester Chinese Bridge is the debut single from The Howl & The Hum, a York-based four piece that have been making waves on the local and Leeds scene. Featuring Conor Hirons, previously front man of Littlemores, it's a tale of lost love and reflecting backwards with a mix of sadness and bitterness.

The Howl And The Hum are on Facebook and Twitter.

9. The Wools - Heard It All Before

The self-described slacker/surf-pop band have announced themselves with this debut single Heard It All Before. This single is a kitchen-sink drama that deals with life and love in the North of England and is a really strong first offering that bodes extremely well for the future.

The Wools are on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Desperate Journalist - Why Are You So Boring?

One of the standout tracks from their excellent second album Grow Up, Desperate Journalist appear to be starting to get the recognition they deserve for their intense live shows which they've translated to this record with impressive effect.

Desperate Journalist's official site can be found here and they are on Facebook and Twitter.

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