Thursday 13 April 2017

TRACK OF THE DAY : Stickboy - The Artful Tale Of Following Your Heart And Not Your Head

Stickboy is a name that might be familiar to those who followed the Manchester underground scene around a decade ago. A prolific songwriter who performed regularly around the local gig circuit, he's returned from exile, appropriate as it's Easter, the time of resurrection, with songs from a forthcoming album entitled The Importance Of Words.

Like his previous work, he operates under the philosophy of less is more, the beauty in the song is in the simplicity of the instrumentation and the heartfelt nature of the delivery of the vocals.  The other two tracks he's revealed on his Soundcloud page - The Ballad Of True Thinking and The Impossible Task Of Waiting For An Answer - follow a same principle, but with different impact.

It's a welcome return for the mysterious artist who released albums such as The Magical Tree And Other Stories, Under The Sleepy Moon and The Red Words and who returned in 2015 with Songs From The Lower Bank. There's no live dates planned yet as far as we can tell and no date set for the new album yet, but on the basis of the three songs he's revealed, it's one to look forward to.

Stickboy is on Facebook and Twitter. There's also a lot of songs on his Soundcloud page.

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